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These Games and Utilities are some examples of software that I have created. Please use them at your own risk. I make no promises and I am not responsible for any problems or issues that the use of these programs may cause.

Games and Utilities

Take Two A Take Two
A fast paced game similar to scrabble but a lot more fun! Play against the Computer.
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Sudoku Photo Manager
This is an application that helps you manage all of those camera and scanned photos on your computer.  A simple interface to help you catalog items and aids in the entry and scanning of your photos.
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Sudoku Sodoku
The traditional Sudoku, just my version that allow for the Preview of numbers, saving the game, and various levels of play.
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Calendar Calendar
Complete PHP Calendar with text file defined calendar events width a simple Web Page Plug-In.
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SudokuClock Solitaire
The traditional Clock Solitaire game.
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SudokuPOO On Your Neighbor
This is a card game where you play against 3 computer players.
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SudokuSmall Library Management application
This tool can be used to manage a small library and has features that allow you to look up book information from the Library of Congress and from
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SudokuTime Screen Saver.
This screen saver show time in 7 differing formats including Binary Coded Decimal.
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SudokuSpeed Read.
This tool can be used to help you train your eye to read faster.
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